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Giants’ Eli Apple a healthy scratch for Sunday vs. Chiefs

Eli Apple has a good reason for sitting out Sunday.

The Giants cornerback is a healthy scratch for the team’s Week 11 matchup against the Chiefs, according to multiple reports.

Despite their issues, the Chiefs (6-3) are still the best team in the AFC West and it’s really not close. With no other team above .500, the Chiefs will win the division. It’s just a matter of correcting their mistakes over the last half of the season to see how far theygo in January.

Denver takes on the Bengals Sunday at home. Cincinnati is another team that has not played up to expectations so far this season, and their head coach Marvin Lewis has been on the hot seat because of it. Broncos head coach Vance Joseph’s job is not on the line yet as Elway backed him up at the ceremony Friday, but he certainly isn’t giving the rookie head coach’s team a pass.

“I’ve gone through losing streaks before and losses and tough seasons, but the way we’ve lost these games has been the most disappointing thing,’’ Elway said. “But I think we have the right type of guys. They’re working hard and the desire is still there. They know the expectations and we’re not out of this thing.’’

The Jaguars wanted Blake Bortles to cut down on his turnovers and be smarter with the ball and he has done both — for the most part. Until the last two weeks, anyway. He lost a fumble and then tried to throw a pass away over his shoulder with a hook shot against the Browns on Sunday and threw two interceptions in the final two minutes of regulation against the Chargers the week before. Bortles is in a tough situation because he doesn’t have two of his top receivers, who are out with injuries, so he’s working with a rookie who made his NFL debut against the Browns and a first-year player who didn’t make his first catch until last week. Bortles hasn’t killed the Jaguars in any games this season, but he hasn’t exactly put the team on his back, either. That’s OK, though, because the defense has become one of the league’s best. If Bortles plays smart football, the Jaguars can win the AFC South. — Mike DiRocconike_patriots_4188

League to review play in which Tahir Whitehead stepped on Charles Leno’s leg

An NFL spokesperson said Tuesday that the league will review whether Detroit Lions linebacker Tahir Whitehead intentionally stepped on the left leg of Bears left tackle Charles Leno during Sunday’s game at Soldier Field.

The review is standard process, as the NFL checks every play in all games for potential discipline.

However, according to the Indianapolis Star, the veteran isn’t happy with the way this week’s move was handled. He told the Star that he feels more like he has been benched than being given time to heal.

Just spent an extended period talking to Vontae Davis. He is PISSED. He feels his situation could’ve been handled differently by Chuck Pagano. His assertion is he was demoted as opposed to being told up front he needs time to heal.

CompLexity will be “centralized” at The Star, the Cowboys’ home in Frisco, Texas, north of Dallas. The group will begin immediate construction of a state-of-the-art operations center and global headquarters including offices, production studios and industry-leading training facilities. With The Star as home turf, CompLexity players will have access to the Cowboys’ training, athletic development and sports medicine services.

“This is just the beginning,” Lake said. “We are taking esports to another level and can’t wait to share more exciting news and details with our fans in the near future.”

According to, in addition to Jones’ esports investment, the Cowboys also will take part in the Madden NFL Club Championship events in the coming months, the first time every team from a major professional sports league will take part in an esports event.

The last ride of The Legion of Boom: What’s next in Seattle?

Chancellor will turn 30 in April and is signed through 2020. It’s unclear whether his neck injury will affect his long-term outlook. His contract carries millions in injury guarantees that convert to full guarantees after the Super Bowl, providing him some insurance if the injury prevents him from making a quick or full return.

Will Sherman return? Will Chancellor be OK? Is the LOB about to become a memory? No one could have plausibly predicted how all this would come together. There’s no way to know how it will end, just that the end feels much nearer than it did even a week ago.

“The facts are, the issues that involve the commissioner are far more reaching,” Jones said (via “I’ve been dealing with this commissioner for almost 28 years, as an employee of the NFL. Zeke’s been involved here a year, a year and a half. Those are really separate issues as to Zeke. The policy that we have that has impacted Zeke is more of my issue with the commissioner, more so than Zeke’s particular circumstance.”

Kerley had suspected last week that he would receive the ban soon enough. He follows tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins, wide receiver Jalin Marshall and defensive back Nick Marshall as the fourth Jets player suspended in 2017.

“I was shocked by a positive test for Turinabol, as I have never knowingly taken any banned substances,” Kerley said in a statement. “I am 5’9” tall and 180 pounds, and I have never used steroids in my life. I’m a good athlete but anyone can look at my body composition and tell that I’m not a steroid user.

“While I did not have enough time prior to the deadline to resolve this case, I fully intend to investigate this matter until I am able to figure out what caused the positive test, because I know that I have done nothing wrong. broncos_091-500x500

Is it difficult to stay in the moment, as Campbell demands, after the landmark wins?

“No,” Montgomery said. “It’s in the past.”

“People are out for us,” Spears said. “We’ve got to prepare harder.” “It’s very important to make the distinction between politics and commentary, information and discussion of social issues,” she said. “I find that the majority of what comes into my timeline is related to social issues. Nobody is dying to engage in a discussion about repeal and replace, at least not with me. The percentage of people who want to discuss social issues has, however, increased substantially.

Should Nebraska come open and send Tom Osborne to recruit Frost, who now has recruiting inroads and ties into Florida, what would he do?

There are other reasons Stricklin has to get this job right. Kirby Smart appears to be building a powerhouse in Georgia, and Florida cannot afford to slip further behind the Bulldogs — not only in the win-loss column but on the recruiting trail. Then there is Tennessee, the team Florida absolutely has to beat for the top coaching hire in the conference.

On the whole, it may be hugely beneficial for so many head coaches to turn over at once. The last time this many turned over at once was in 2012, when four new SEC head coaches came into the mix: Jones, Bielema, Gus Malzahn and Mark Stoops.

Peterson ran left for eight yards on the third play, around the left end for 11 more on the fourth play, and through a left guard-tackle crease on the sixth play for 27 yards and a fairly easy touchdown.It was a little bit mind-boggling to me to listen to guys who played the game, Hall of Famers, who basically thought it was over for me. That stung a little. Disheartening. But that was just more motivation for me.”flames_014


he has allowed a postseason-record eight home runs this year.

As for this season, more teams should explore the type of trade that recently sent Marcell Dareus from the Bills to the Jaguars.

Dareus, who had been a disappointment for the Bills since he signed a massive contract in 2015, was going to be cut in 2018 despite the Bills owing him more than $7 million in cash. Most teams would have looked at the sunk cost of Dareus and ridden it out until next year. Instead, the Bills were aggressive in finding a team with a need to take on the balance of Dareus’ contract in 2017 and ’18.

Yanked in the fifth, Kershaw trudged off with a dubious distinction — he has allowed a postseason-record eight home runs this year.

“Just exactly what you expect (when you) come to the park with Keuchel and Kershaw pitching,” Hinch said.

Awl & Sundry started a kickstarter campaign earlier this year, pledging to put a pair of shoes on kids in Kenya for every pair bought from their new capsule collection. The collection features shoes reflecting the personalities of the players involved, and the project has already raised over $28,000.

The Kickstarter campaign to send shoes to Africa ends Oct. 27. Earlier this month, Burleson, who is now a panelist on CBS’s NFL Today, caught up with to discuss the project, why he wants to give back, and more.

The official ruled it was a touchdown. On the review, ref Tony Corrente, in consultation with the officiating command center, ruled there was enough evidence to show Seferian-Jenkins had not re-established possession of the ball through the time he fell to the ground. So Corrente ruled a fumble, a touchback, and no touchdown.

Line changes: Pacific Division presents strong waiver add options

Every week, we’ll mine the waiver wire for lesser-owned assets to help your squad, whether you favor dynasty or the redraft format, and we’ll also toss in some tips for DFS players out there. Finally, we will look at some former go-to fantasy assets who might be overvalued — in the short or long term — for one reason or another.

And even if McNair apologized, the comment only serves to validate what many already perceive the thoughts and beliefs of NFL owners to be. That includes Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, 49ers safety/linebacker Eric Reid, and other players who commented about McNair:

I can appreciate ppl being candid. Don’t apologize! You meant what you said. Showing true colors allows ppl to see you for who you are.

“Guys are just a little bit upset with everything that happened,” said defenseman Nate Schmidt, formerly of the Washington Capitals. “You don’t want to be picked in the expansion draft. You want to be protected by your team.”

James Neal certainly did. His last game for the Nashville Predators was June 11, when the Predators were eliminated in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final by the Pittsburgh Penguins. Ten days later, Neal was exposed in the expansion draft and became a no-brainer selection for the Knights.

“It’s always tough to leave a team, but especially when you’re so attached to them,” said Neal. “I knew there was a possibility. Especially being in the last year of my contract.”

What, you might ask, to make of Arizona and LSU, long ago dispatched by The Eliminator? The top one-loss team left in the mix, the Irish have won six straight — all by 20 points or more — since a one-point, Week 2 loss to Georgia. With Miami and Stanford left to play, Notre Dame has little to worry about if it takes care of the business at hand in November.


Ligue 1 Outfit Nice Unveil New State-of-the-Art Training Facility Which Even Includes Sleeping Rooms

OGC Nice have entered the next dimension where training facilities are concerned, after the aspiring Ligue 1 outfit revealed their new, outstanding, state-of-the-art complex in the south of France which even includes sleeping rooms – according to a report published by The Sun.

Hundreds of guests and members of the press were invited to the grand unveiling on Thursday, and it’s safe to say that the majority present probably left with their jaws dragging along the ground in awe.

Inside the dressing room which is clad in black and red, each individual – Mario Balotelli amongst others – will get their own locker with their name and number plastered over it, adding a sense of belonging and homeliness.

In the press room, all 826 professionals to have donned the club’s jersey in the past have been propped up on the walls, tying into the club’s history and tradition in their latest modern settings.

The motion comes a day after U.S. District Court Judge Katherine P. Failla denied the NFLPA’s request for a preliminary injunction in its case against the NFL, reinstating Elliott’s six-game suspension.

The NFLPA earlier Tuesday filed a request for an emergency stay in the U.S. Southern District of New York on the ruling, but Failla quickly denied the motion.

Although the Second Circuit offers Elliott the best chance to return to the Cowboys this season, his odds of success are growing smaller. The Second Circuit ruled against Tom Brady during the Deflategate case and Failla repeatedly cited precedents established by the Second Circuit in that case in her decision to not grant the union’s preliminary injunction request.

Week 8 NFL favorites topple books

Week 8 in the NFL was somewhat unusual in its predictability: Favorites won 10 of 11 games on Sunday.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ 33-10 rout of the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys’ 33-19 win over Washington produced the biggest losses of the day for the books. The Eagles were 13-point favorites, while the Cowboys were 3-point favorites.

The heavily-backed Pittsburgh Steelers’ 20-15 win over the Detroit Lions cemented a winning day for the betting public. Two hours before the prime-time kickoff at MGM sportsbooks, eight times as much money had been bet on the Steelers as had been wagered on the Lions.

Fans at Twickenham Stadium watched the Vikings, now 6-2 and still sitting atop the NFC North, pull away from the still-winless Browns (0-8) in the fourth quarter of what turned out to be a relatively entertaining game.

Astros outfielder Carlos Beltran did his best to counsel Gurriel — who did not speak to reporters after Tuesday’s game — through the boos and try to calm any lingering tensions from the incident in Houston.

“I told [Gurriel], ‘Just think about it like they’re yelling, ‘Yu’ — the two letters in your first name,” Beltran said. “I told him to just try to flip that and use it as an advantage.

“Sometimes it’s hard to do that. But at the end of the day, Yuli is a good man. He made a mistake and he apologized. It was offensive for Yu Darvish, but he was able to turn the page right away. He had some good quotes focusing on the positive and not the negative.”

Julius Peppers sacked Winston in the second quarter, forcing a fumble and moving ahead of Hall of Famer Chris Doleman for fourth on the career sack list with 151.

Newton completed 18 of 32 passes and was intercepted once. He rushed for a team-high 44 yards, including a 20-yard burst on the drive he finished with his TD pass to Benjamin.blues-008

Mauro Icardi Reveals That He Wants to Reach the 100-Goal Mark Playing for Inter Milan

Mauro Icardi has been Inter Milan’s talisman as captain and striker in the last couple of seasons.

Icardi has score 84 goals in 153 games for Inter with six goals in seven appearance so far in this year’s Serie A campaign.

He expressed his gratitude in being apart of Inter’s top 10 record goal scorers, but believes he can achieve more with the Italian side.

“I am very happy to be in the top 10 scorers for this club, but it’s a long way off the top. In any case, my aim is to score many more goals for Inter.”

He believes his development as a striker comes from training every day and receiving help from the Inter staff.

The island was recently devastated by Hurricane Maria and its inhabitants are still very much recovering from the effects of the storm which hit September 20.

For one young football fan, who goes by the name of Alex Idarra, Puerto Rico is extremely important as it is a U.S territory and in a heartwarming clip, he revealed he was trying to raise money to help out those in need by raffling of the shirt that Pulisic had signed for him before a qualifying match against Honduras back in March.

The American midfielder caught wind of Alex’s attempts to do good and responded in fantastic fashion.

He addressed the youngster in a video clip of his own and informed him that he would be sending him another signed shirt to compensate, plus he would be making a donation of his own to help the victims of Puerto Rico.chargers_016

The Pittsburgh Steelers just seem to have Kansas City’s number

The Chiefs fell to 5-1 SU and ATS on the season with their loss to Pittsburgh, losing to the Steelers for the third straight time since the start of the 2016 season.

When the 49ers drafted him in the third round, it was a pick that was mostly laughed at.

“C.J. Beathard had mostly fifth-, sixth-round grades from the teams I spoke with,” NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said, via “[He’s] very smart, understands where to go with the football, better arm than expected when you really sit down and study him. I haven’t seen him live, and the people who went to his Pro Day told me he had an excellent day.”

But Beathard looked good in preseason with 401 yards, four touchdowns and one interception, as well as a 62-yard touchdown run. His revival of the San Francisco offense against Washington on Sunday is more reason to be encouraged about his NFL future.

Through four games, Newhouse has given up just one sack. He has not done well in run blocking — which has had him named a Buster twice — but neither has really any of the offensive line, especially the past two weeks.

What it comes down to is while right tackle was where 7 of the 8 sacks the offensive line gave up last season came from, thus far it is not appearing like the glaring weak area it was before. Despite paying a fraction of the cost at the position they would have for either Watson or Howard. As a result, Pro Football Focus ranked the Raiders the best pass blocking line in football right now.lakers_051