The Grandy Man still can — at least a little — though it’s hard to imagine that the Blue Jays knew he could.

Granderson posted a collective 105 wRC+ with the Mets and the Dodgers, but his time in Los Angeles during the stretch run was debacle (-0.2 fWAR). Still, the Blue Jays gambled that Granderson at $5 million was better than whatever Jose Bautista was looking for (assuming there was any modicum of interest in Bautista).

Lucroy was once one of the premier catcher’s in the game. As with other backstops, Lucroy’s ability to stay atop his game as he aged (he turns 32 in June) became harder and harder. Despite a lackluster 2017 season, Lucroy secured a decent one-year deal from the Athletics, which is mostly paying off thus far, especially behind the dish.

Lucroy has yet to homer this season, but owns a .267/.331/.343 slash line with a 91 wRC+ and 0.6 fWAR, which is worth $5.4 million. All of Lucroy’s positive WAR value comes from his performance behind the plate where he has glowing defensive metrics.

But as Boldin said in his video, There are a lot of people out there like Ms. Johnson that should be pardoned that don’t know a celebrity or a NFL player.

A handful of pardons will not address the sort of systemic injustice that N.F.L. players have been protesting, the letter to the New York Times read. These are problems that our government has created, many of which occur at the local level. If President Trump thinks he can end these injustices if we deliver him a few names, he hasn’t been listening to us.

As Americans, it is our constitutional right to question injustices when they occur, and we see them daily: police brutality, unnecessary incarceration, excessive criminal sentencing, residential segregation and educational inequality. The United States effectively uses prison to treat addiction, and you could argue it is also our largest mental-health provider. Law enforcement has a responsibility to serve its communities, yet this responsibility has too often not met basic standards of accountability.

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