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Giannis Antetokounmpo named cover athlete for NBA 2K19

Giannis Antetokounmpo will make his cover athlete debut on NBA 2K19.
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Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo’s meteoric rise to NBA stardom will reach a new level later this summer when he’s featured on the cover of NBA 2K19.

On a run-expectancy table, this is equal to the strikeout and the popout — runners in the same spots on the bases, one out added — but it’s obviously worse to have the pitcher baserunning than any other player on the field baserunning. Not only is he probably slow and bad at running, but he’s burning precious energy standing out there, and he’ll probably hurt himself taking a six-foot lead off first base. A bad outcome. Harvey has done this once.

The 10th-best: Bunt into a fielder’s choice, but the defense makes an unforced throwing error to the lead base. For example:

Attaboy? That’s by far the most valuable offensive act that Bunting Matt Harvey has accomplished in the past four seasons. It didn’t just get the runner over, but it Robert Covington Jersey got him in, and without even costing the Reds an out. It also only happened because the bunt was so bad the pitcher fielding it knew he had an easy out on the lead runner. It takes a terrible bunt for this one! And woof, what a bunt that one was: Directly at the pitcher, practically as hard off the bat as if he’d swung, hard enough that a good throw to third would have easily gotten the runner at third and might have ended up with Harvey doubled up at first.

Making that commitment without knowing what LeBron will do in free agency is a departure from the way the Cavaliers have operated the last four years. Sexton represents Cleveland’s (and more specifically rookie GM Koby Altman’s) first opportunity to show off their player development component since Kyrie Irving served as the face of the franchise on his own, before LeBron came home from Miami four years ago. Joe Vardon of the Plain Dealer has more:

Sexton was drafted to replace Irving as Cleveland’s point guard, though they share few similarities other than a basic strength of putting the ball in the hole.

Rather, Brian Westbrook Authentic Jersey the addition of Sexton is the latest step of the Cavs toward a different era not seen since the days when Irving was drafted first overall in 2011, up until LeBron James returned in 2014.

As general manager Koby Altman said Friday, for the first time in a long time, the Cavs are going to be in the player development business.

The question now is, what does Cleveland’s apparent re-commitment to player development mean for James, who is considering whether to leave the franchise and declared he wants to remain in championship mode?